segunda-feira, 15 de março de 2010


zebras! porings rain princess révoa robot heart star wars & adidas originals TELEPHONE_FANART_by_HamletMachine Summer_Rave_by_dimpoartstop asking me... teddy bears camera  thank you... tower lighted vogue italia march 2010 01 where the wild things are 02 wings ring you don't have to stay inside the lines pinky girl mickey ears! MK & A. nenéém!  peace.olsen masked lily memorias1_large louis wall love always love is a color... macaroons! i like you if loving fashion... i am. gregkadelforvoguede brad zahara angie maddox casquinhas delícias celebrate the everyday chuck & blair cute kitten dare to be different dior-love everything leaves a mark fairy dust flower skull  gaga telephone sandwichglitter heart go for someone... birdbreath painting 0634papparazi after mondays ... alice drink me all starsit's spring! i have no special...

Um comentário:

Anderson Rosa disse...

Realmente lindo, inspirador, imagens muito boas. Não seja sucinto. Faça dos dias dos seus seguidores mais coloridos, mais bonitos. Tks T.

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